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Mail merge with barcode


Data View

Generate a new field as the mail merge source data, e.g. ProductID.

Define source data for mail merge

Text View

Insert field

Swith to the Text View. The field list will be updated automatically.

Select the ProductID field in the field list (1).

Open the context menu for the button Insert Field, and click the menu item Barcode.

The barcode field will be placed, on the cursor positon, in the document.

Insert barcode field into serial letter

Select symbology

Select the barcode field. Its properties will be shown in the Field Properties panel, on the right side.

Open the combobox Symbology and select for example EAN128 from the list.

Select EAN128 as barcode symbology

Define barcode size

Adjust width and height or scale for the barcode field to best fit your layout.

Preview serial letter

Click the Print Preview button for showing the serial letter.

Preview mail merge with barcode

Available barcode symbologies

There are following barcode symbologies available:


Master detail mail merge with BarCodes